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HNFE 1114: HNFE First Year Seminar

HNFE 1114 provides opportunities for Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise students new to the major to develop their critical thinking skills by applying problem solving skills, using information ethically and effectively to accomplish a specific purpose and making connections across disciplines as they reflect upon and assess themselves as learners. 

What You Should Know About HNFE 1114
Building community is important in HNFE. We have 1 peer mentor for 6-8 students, and do our best to facilitate study groups, connections, and friendships. The course is also academically and professionally focused. We spend time looking at careers in health, considering options and what to get involved in, and build a plan of study. We look at long-term goals and determine steps to get there. We also get into the science and literature in health sciences. You will participate in a journal club, conduct searches, and develop a final project showing what you understand about a topic of your choosing. 

What is the most enjoyable part of the course? What can students learn from this part of the course?
From student feedback, the two most important things in the course are the plan of study and their peer mentor. Why?  Because they feel prepared.   

Other Things to Know About HNFE 1114?
In the upcoming years we’ll shift the research focus to include more practice with writing as well as reading articles and interpreting what they mean. This is part of the evidence-based practice that is part of our curriculum and continues into students’ careers.  

Student quotes:

"The course was a big stress reliever in my transition to college and introduction to HNFE."

"The peer mentor was helpful to be able to have someone that’s already gone through the college transition and be able to give advice on what's to come or strategies to help with success."

"Peer mentors have said this was one of the most helpful classes they’ve taken."

Contact: Renee Eaton