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ISC 1004: Integrated Science Curriculum

ISC 1004: Integrated Science Curriculum (1 credit) 

Course Description
Introduction to the different fields of science and mathematics, and academic and career planning for College of Science majors that are enrolled in the Integrated Science Curriculum. Discussion of academic plans and university and college requirements. Resume building for internships, research experiences, and graduate school. Exposure to areas of practice and research, and opportunities for education, training, and employment in fields of interest to students graduating from the College of Science.

Goals of Course
Overview of the following resources: 

  1. University Libraries
  2. Diversity, Identity and Inclusion
  3. Undergraduate Research
  4. Study Abroad-Global Education Office
  5. Academic Integrity
  6. Academic Planning/Course Registration (Create an Academic Four Year Plan)
  7. Career and Professional Development (Create a resume/CV)
  8. Health Professions Advising
  9. Hokie Wellness
  10. Student Success Center 
  11. I also have VT Recreation Sports lead team building activities with the students. The students also take the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment and the students learn about their strengths through VT Engage.

Contact: Sarah Bechtel