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BIOL 1004: Biology Orientation Seminar

BIOL 1004 aims to provide students with the tools for success in college, strengthen their career plan through academic advising, and engage students through hands-on problem solving strategies. Additionally, the course introduces students to the many resources and opportunities available at Virginia Tech that encourage student success. This course is housed in the Department of Biological Sciences.

3 Things You Should Know About BIOL 1004:

  1. Upperclass student Peer Mentors are assigned to help.
  2. Undergraduate Research Training is completed through class.
  3. Develop lasting relationships with other students in the same major throughout class.

Key Learning Experience
The new key learning experience in the FYE course specific to Biological Sciences is our Undergraduate Research Training to get you primed and ready to start research as early as your 2nd semester at VT!

What is the most enjoyable part of the course? What can students learn from this part of the course?
Getting to know other students within your major through our cohort design. The class is large but feels smaller and more connected through the assigned cohorts facilitated by the assigned upperclass student Peer Mentor. You’ll develop lasting relationships within your cohort specific to your major and have the opportunity to explore all the major options that biological sciences has to provide.

Other Things to Know About BIOL 1004?
We want you to understand this is a required course for the major (on our degree checksheet). If you are in the Orion LLC/ISC program you do not need to take this course since the courses are equal FYE courses. The overall class provides strategies for success as a first-year student at VT in addition to being exposed to assignments that equate to useful tools for being in the Biological Sciences major and beyond in the field of Science.

Contact: Rebekah DeToma