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ENGL 1004: Introduction to English Studies

ENGL 1004 prepares first-year English majors for study and inquiry at a research institution.  In addition to introducing students to the opportunities available in the English major, the course includes basic principles of research and the writing process and helps students make connections across disciplines as they apply them to academic work.

3 Things You Should Know About ENGL 1004:
This course is designed to…

  1. Give you a chance to explore in-depth your chosen major within English, whether it is English studies, Creative Writing, or Professional & Technical Writing (or a combination).
  2. Teach you about conducting original scholarly research, but also help you learn about practical things like advising, career prep, dining, and health care. After all, scholarly + practical go hand-in-hand with your success!
  3. Prepare you for your future career by asking you to create a digital portfolio. By the time you graduate, it will be filled with impressive evidence of your skills.

Key Learning Experience
There are three key learning experiences in this course, each designed to help shape your career at VT and beyond…

  1. Digital Portfolio: This is a web site that you can ultimately share with potential employers. By the time this course is over, your portfolio will include a resume, personal statement, and at least two documents (a link to an online resource guide and an individualized research project).
  2. Online Resource Guide: This will be a site that you create by researching your chosen career. It will include job search statistics and information about graduate programs, professional organizations, and hot-button topics within your field, among other things.
  3. Individualized Research Project: This project will focus on something that interests you within your field of study.

What is the most enjoyable part of the course? What can students learn from this part of the course?
I hope this course will not only teach you the skills you need to succeed in English and at VT, but will also give you a chance to be creative and have some fun by pursuing projects that interest you.

Contact: Jennifer Mooney