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IS/PSCI 1034: Introduction to International Studies and Political Science

IS/PSCI 1034 introduces first-year students to the fields of International Studies and Political Science and their respective subfields.  It provides students with important information to help them succeed in their studies and prepares them for their future careers while focusing on the examination of concepts and issues pertaining to their fields of academic inquiry.  The course also introduces students to the basic principles of the research and writing process and focuses on the identification and search of bibliographic sources.

3 Things You Should Know About IS/PSCI 1034:

  1. It's a comprehensive course that helps students succeed in the department during their first year and beyond.
  2. We cover a range of topics that orients students to our teaching and learning environment.
  3. During the semester, students will be introduced to our department's faculty as well as other campus resources.

Key Learning Experience
Our Literature Review assignment is the capstone assignment that requires that students combine the content to which they've been introduced with research skills. Students get to study/research something that has sparked their interest while also using the university resources they learned about during the semester.

What is the most enjoyable part of the course? What can students learn from this part of the course?
Students enjoy exploring the course content.  Because we cover a variety of topics specific to our discipline, students are able to discuss many issues that are important to them.

Other Things to Know About IS/PSCI 1034?
Tips: Be engaged, keep up with assignments, and don't wait until the last minute to do your work.

Contact: Jennifer Hanratty