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BC 1014: Building a Strong Foundation

This course is dedicated entirely to you as a first-year student with first-year content. Along with the traditional first-year content consisting of university resources and campus engagement, you will explore career opportunities within the built environment with a focus on communication and teamwork. There is an emphasis on professional development, a reflection on self as a learner, digital and information literacy, and the ability to present ideas visually, orally and in writing.

3 Things You Should Know About BC 1014:

  1. To be comfortable with digital tools such as Zoom and Adobe products.
  2. To be able to reflect upon self and open to new ways of learning.
  3. To be able to create a résumé and present oneself professionally.

Key Learning Experience
Your key learning experience: you will keep a written and visual journey of your impressions, circumstances, and activities related to your first semester at Virginia Tech.  This digital photo journal will be created using Adobe Spark and the page published to complete the assignment. The purpose of this digital photo journal is to record and to reflect upon each stage of your transition to college.

What is the most enjoyable part of the course?
Taking the pictures for your digital journal! I stress digital literacy and you will watch tutorials to learn the many features of creating an Adobe Spark page to publish your journal. You will insert photos, videos, and text along with appropriate headings to create a visually pleasing design.

Other Things to Know About BC 1014?
This will be a unique course and you will share this experience with all other first year students -- thus creating a bond that is special.

Contact: Renee Ryan