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ENGE 1215: Foundations of Engineering

ENGE 1215 is an initial course in the first year sequence in general engineering. It introduces students to the profession through data collection and analysis, engineering problem-solving, mathematical modeling, contemporary software tools, professional practices and expectations and the diversity of fields and majors within engineering. 

3 Things You Should Know About ENGE 1215:

  1. This course is all about helping you succeed in your intention of becoming a Hokie engineer. To do this, you must actively engage with the material in class and within a team. You must commit to work responsibly. 
  2. Communication is key in this course. Read assignments and course information carefully so that you can manage your time accordingly. Ask questions and ask for help with class material when you need it (know when office hours are).
  3. The UTAs, GTAs, the instructor, and advisors work closely as a team to offer you a productive and enjoyable learning experience. We believe that providing timely feedback on your performance is crucial in this effort.

Key Learning Experience
This course features working in teams on activities such as learning how engineers think about problems and use data to make decisions.

What is the most enjoyable part of the course? What can students learn from this part of the course?
Students enjoy the interactive nature and active learning that our class offers and through which they learn to effectively communicate and work with others.

Other Things to Know About ENGE 1215?
You don't have to know programming to be successful in this class; you will learn step by step. It takes time to develop expertise. Just because you don’t “get it” the first time is no reason to give up. Give yourself time to practice -- repeatedly.

Contact: David Gray