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MATH 1004 and MATH 1044: Discovering Mathematics I and II

MATH 1004 and 1044 comprise a yearlong introduction to the scope and applicability of mathematics and its many sub-disciplines. Throughout the courses, students are introduced to the process of thinking, learning, and writing as a mathematician.

Math 1004 (fall) topics include logic systems, recreational mathematics, LaTeX programming, history, ethics, open problems, and research in mathematics. Math 1044 (spring) includes topics in pure and applied mathematics and a brief experience with mathematical research. Both courses include advising topics such as planning a Virginia Tech course of study.

3 Things You Should Know About MATH 1004 and MATH 1044:

  1. Mathematics is more than just calculations and playing with symbols. This FYE course will help build a wider view of the field.
  2. Mathematics requires creative thinking and a broad knowledge base. It will be illustrated how mathematics is used in many fields of inquiry and industry.
  3. The university has many resources available to help students succeed. These resources will be highlighted throughout the course.

Key Learning Experience
You will have the chance to learn how to use LaTeX. This skill gives you the ability to give your work a professional polish and a sense of belonging in the field.

What is the most enjoyable part of the course? What can students learn from this part of the course?
You will make several mathematically interesting gadgets such as hexaflexagons.  These are fun to play with but also highlight how playful thinking in mathematics is also professionally useful for finding new insights to solve problems.

Other Things to Know About MATH 1004 and MATH 1044?
Access to a printer, scissors, glue, and paper is important.

Contact: Heath Hart